Hello, my name is Jasmeen, the creator of Secretless Sista. So, you may be wondering why did I start this blog? And why am I a “Secretless Sista? Well I’m a Christian woman born and raised in southern California, and a church goer from birth. Church has always been an integral part of my life and during my Christian walk I’m overcoming many obstacles, especially dealing with love, heartbreak, and my faith. I’ve come to notice that many women struggle with trying to be a “perfect Christian” (myself included). I was raised in a well-respected family where we attended, morning and evening worship, Sunday school, Wednesday night bible study, vacation bible school, and church conferences. I was taught as a child of God we are to set ourselves apart from the world; no fornication, cohabitation, drinking, to dress a certain way, and not live a sinful lifestyle. Growing up in a religious family and attending church I was taught if I commit a sin I can ask God for forgiveness, but I was also taught if I sin too much that was it, I’m going to hell! Now I’m walking around terrified if I did anything bad God was coming after me, He was going to strike me dead (like He did in the old testament, so naïve of me I know, but it’s the truth). As a Christian woman, I struggle everyday living a sinless lifestyle. I mean, I’m not out there doing everything and anything but I have done things that are opposite of how a Christian is to carry themselves. I also have temptations that I struggle with and even when I ask God to forgive me and feel as if I’m back on the right track, I fall short and go back to my old ways. I didn’t know who I can talk to about my problems. Yes, I have family, friends, and even the church, but my fear was if they knew my weakness or if I shared information about myself I was going to get an overwhelming sense of shame, guilt, judgement, and even humiliation. It’s hard to say this, but family and brothers and sisters in Christ can be the first people to make you feel this way. I didn’t want to ruin my image as a good girl in the church and bring shame on my family and disappoint them, so I continued to hold my sins a secret which impacted my relationship with God (even my own self esteem was affected). I stopped praying, stopped studying, and every time I went to church I felt unworthy. Even after I would ask God for forgiveness I couldn’t forgive myself; I felt like a terrible Christian and keeping these sinful secrets started interrupt my normal life. I was harboring so many feelings about my temptations and feeling like I was the only one in the world going through this cycle and instead of talking to someone who could relate and help me overcome this problem, I just continued to act on my temptations. I was protecting myself. I realized keeping these “secrets” was stressful, depressing, shameful, guilt ridden, and unlovable. I realized this was leading to negative behavior and if I didn’t let it out and share I would continue to engage in this sinful pattern and never grow in my faith or have a relationship with God.

I’m a Secretless Sista, I may have secrets but I’ve decided to be an open book, in hopes I can help another lady from feeling alone in their Christian walk and struggles. I am willing to share my stories in a forum that is open for everyone in an uplifting way with the hope of helping others who may be struggling with their own temptations, faith, overcoming heartbreak, and other trials and tribulations. I am no longer scared of what others will say about me. I’m taking a leap of faith to tell my stories for other women that can’t or won’t because they fear getting judged/rejected and it’s too much for them to endure. God’s purpose for me is to share my stories in an effort to help women who can relate. I want to offer advice, as well as receive it, while building each other up to get on the path of not letting our temptations define us or deter us from growing in our faith and gaining a relationship with God. I can admit I messed up I MESSED UP (feels so good to openly admit it). Hey, at the end of the day, God already knows what I’m going to do even before I do it; He doesn’t want me or any of His children to die in our sins. I realize I can’t outrun God’s love. He can and will protect me from myself. God loves me regardless of all the negative stuff I have done and will do in my life (remember I’m not perfect) and He loves YOU too. Join me on my journey in having a stronger relationship with Christ, building a sisterhood and bond with ladies around the world and staying fit and fashionable with meal preps, workouts, and fashion finds. I’m excited to go on this journey with you too!

Written by Jasmeen Sims



This is refreshing and something that I have always lived by. I’ve been an open book for the majority of my life with my Christian friends and family and I was judged. I guess I was always different in not caring about what others thought, so it’s nice to see you opening up because we are not perfect and we do sin and it’s going to be okay.

Jasmeen Sims

Thank you Laura, its so relieving to hear you say that, I was the total opposite. I was a very private person even with family and close friends. I would always think if I opened they would look and me differently and I’m the type of person that does care what people think of me. However, now that I’m getting older I’ve learned to stop caring what other people will say or think about me. Your right we are not perfect and I’m also learning how to stop beating myself up over the mistakes I have made in my life. Thank you again for your kinds words. I’m glad you liked the article. 🙂


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