sunset-1670219_960_720Welcome to the Secretless Sista blog, a safe haven for Christian women struggling with their faith. As Christians we fear going to family, church members, and even to God when we sin or live a sinful lifestyle because of embarrassment, humiliation, or guilt. Growing up in the church we are taught to live a pure and sinless life and to ask God to forgive us when we sin. However, in today’s society we are surrounded by so much temptations, obstacles, and addictions such as sexual sin, drugs, alcohol, depression, heartbreak, and other tribulations. Being born in the church is a blessing, being born in a Christian family is a blessing, and being a Christian woman is amazing, but being a Christian can be challenging. On one hand we want to dress, act, and talk like the world and on the other we want to still have a relationship with God. Sometimes when we sin we feel terrible, we walk around with guilt even after we asked God to forgive us, we can’t forgive ourselves. We feel like God is done and tired of forgiving us over our sins and now were waiting for him to punish us, because of this we distance ourselves from attending church, praying, and growing a relationship with God.

This blog is an outlet where women can feel comfortable seeking help from others who may have experienced or currently experiencing the same trials and/or tribulations and how they overcame life challenges and put their faith and trust in God.

Throughout life I have overcome my share of challenges and being a Christian I felt so bad about my sins and started to question my faith. While talking to another friend who is also a Christian woman we both realized we were experiencing the same problems and felt guilty because of our sins and didn’t always feel comfortable going to family and the church because we didn’t want to face ridicule. I started this blog to offer spiritual advice, encouragement, and building relationships.

“Nothing you confess could make me love you less”- Jesuscross-1149878_960_720


Secretless Sista