Doesn’t it seem like blessings come easy to some people while you have to struggle and wait? You pray consistently and it seems like God doesn’t hear your prayers. Sometimes you struggle with living under God’s will. We all want good things to happen. Whether it’s a job promotion, money, children, marriage, car, house, etc. The problem is we want it now. It’s hard to wait patiently. If your anything like me it can be very difficult living under the harmony of God’s will. When I see things happening for other people and not me I tend to question God. Why did she get that promotion and I didn’t? How come she was blessed with a great guy and it’s hard for me to find one? Why was she able to buy that house and not me? I would drive myself crazy not knowing why. I would eventually give up and stop praying for the things I wanted. What was the point in praying day after day, week after week, month after month and still not getting what I want and seeing others prosper. I felt like I was a good Christian woman. I didn’t curse, smoke, drink, I went church, put money in the collection plate, study the bible, and would give to the homeless. While others who didn’t believe in God, didn’t go to church, and did all the worldly things were being showered with blessings. Am I missing something? What was the problem? What was I doing wrong?

The more I kept wanting to know about how everything was going to go in my life was starting to be detrimental to my Christian walk. When I decided to stop praying for the things I thought I needed or wanted I didn’t realize I was pulling away from God. That is exactly what Satan wanted me to do. I didn’t like hearing no or not right now. I wanted things to happen on my time and I did not want to go through the waiting process. So, I decided that I needed to make moves on my own. I felt like God was taking too long and He wasn’t going to answer my prayers. However, the more I kept trying to do things on my own I was digging myself into a deeper hole. I told myself to stop. Obviously, my way was not working. I realized I was being selfish and ungrateful. God has blessed me and continues to bless me and I have the audacity to be in my feelings when God doesn’t answer my prayers on my time. Yes, other people may have been getting blessed with things I wanted (or I thought I wanted), but I had to understand I’m not in competition with anybody. I don’t know the direction God is taking me and other people. God has an entirely different lesson or path for all of us. If God was to me how my future would end up on a big screen would I be happy? Would I be scared? Sad? Or what if I didn’t like how my future would end up? It’s not like I could change it. Now that I think about it not knowing is a good thing. Not only did God teach me how to be patient, but He had to show me that His way is the only way. God will ALWAYS provide It might just look different than what I had in mind.

As a child of God when you try to do things on your time you will never prevail. When you trust AND have faith in God it will always workout right. You must understand the reason you are still in your situation is because God has a plan for you. He doesn’t think the way you think, His ways are not your ways, you don’t know what He is up to, but He is definitely up to something. Trust God’s process. Stop rushing to get to the end because you could be missing out on your blessings. Sometimes you want the answers without going through the process. There has been plenty of times God has saved or protected you from things that you thought you wanted. God will never ever ignore you. When you are patient with God you already know His promises are 100% true. Be determined and stay focused on God and trust His process. God has a purpose for you. There are absolutely no mistakes in His plan.

Written by Jasmeen Sims

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